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In our Technology Park plus all the workshops we’ll teach the future technicians and engineers that will lead the teams of the highest Motorsport categories all around the world.


We have the best teaching material, including the new cars with which Teo Martín Motorsport team will participate in this 2019 season, the leading teachers in the sector, all of them with a long experience Motorsport and state-of-the-art tools so that our racing passion can be transmitted to our students with the greatest guarantees of success.


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Our current program includes the following own degrees:

      • Starter Motorsport Technician
      • Intermediate Motorsport Technician
      • Advance Motorsport Technician

    Coming soon the following courses will be available:
    • Historic Race Car Restorer – Restoracing
    • Master in Race Car Engineer

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Our facilities:

 Technology Park, leader in technological development.
Workshops where Teo Martín Motorsport team maintains and prepares its competition vehicles.
    • 3x McLaren 720S GT3
    • 4x Dallara F317, formula 3
    • 2x McLaren 570S GT4
    • Teo Martín classic car collection


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  • PPG
  • Michelin
  • JHK
  • jarama